Banca di credito cooperativo di Saturnia

About the company

Corporate banking for businesses and the social economy. Create your bank together to develop an economy with a strong social value




The first bank for public interest organisation in Saturnia and the Tuscan area.

Cooperatives and Small Businesses

Cooperatives and Small Businesses

Help and support compagnies, group of compagnies, cooperatives to develop theirs projects.

Consumers and Citizens

Consumers and Citizens

Do something useful with your money.
Cooperative banks like BCC Saturnia work exclusively for their regions and communities.
We are involved in local development and contribute to sustainable development of our community because the members and administrators are from Tuscan area in where we operate.
By developing the bank credits and access to sectors where other banks are less present BCC Saturnia reduce banking exclusion and develop the economic capacities of people. We also contribute positively to economic growth in Tuscan area and increase the efficiency of the international financial system.
Our specific form of enterprise, based on values and team work can be successful both in developing companies than in developed businesses.

How it works?

Meet the actors and future partners.
Share projects and ideas.
Build the future of Italy together.

  • Focus on the human heritage of saturnia and its professionalism.
    - Gordon Dale
  • Bring to light the economical, social and cultural values of Saturnia and its region.
    - Joan Avina
  • Keep the link with the local community and get through the difficulties together.
    - Tom Johnson

BCC Saturnia

An independent bank operating through its networks and its partnerships with local, national and international companies.

Finalise projects you can't do alone

Saturnia and Italy perform thanks to people with great talents and ideas. BCC trust you and give you the key to progress and develop your project.